Monday 31 March 2008


We had a nice relaxing afternoon in The Bernard Shaw on Saturday. Lots of drawing, tea, and biscuits. Keith from Turtlehead took lots of photos of all the lovely t-shirts people made which I'll post here when he sends them to me.

Here's a stitched wide angle picture brother Simon took on his fancy phone.

Tuesday 25 March 2008

T-Squared Version 2.0

If you're in Dublin on Saturday Turtlehead are hosting their second fun packed event in The Bernard Shaw called T-Squared where you can make your own badges and t-shirts in the comfort of the pub. They've asked me to be a guest artist to scrawl all over some of the fresh tees. See you there if you can make it, don't forget your markers. Details below:

Saturday, March 29, 2008
4:00pm - 8:00pm
The Bernard Shaw
11 - 12 Sth. Richmond Street
Dublin, Ireland

Easter Sunday Balloons

I used to love drawing on blown up balloons and stretched, thick rubber bands to see the detail shrink when they'd contracted. Myself and my two nephews drew on lots of balloons on Sunday in my folk's house before the big dinner.
My mutant balloon head (that could be the title of my autobiography...)

Ed's head on the left, Ru's on the right.

Dressing room Rabbits

While trying on various shirts in town yesterday (I'm crap at shopping) I spotted some rabbits in dressing rooms. I had to take them without the flash, as people would think I was a freak if they saw a flash coming from one of the cubicles, so they're a bit murky. The one on the left was the second one I did so it's interesting to see how the rabbit's face got more defined and manic as the series grew.

Friday 21 March 2008

Candy Second Volume

I forgot to mention here that parts one and two of the new issue of Candy are available to download here and are well worth a look, they're packed full of lovely work.

Photographer Aidan Kelly has been taking portraits of various artists in the their studios over the past few months. I really love seeing what sort of environment people work in, a little insight into their secret world. He took some great shots of my space which are included in an article in volume one. I usually hate photos of myself but he really captured people in a nice way. Check out the other artists spaces inside.

Dead Zombies

Well holy God.

While upgrading Macs over the years I've lost and misplaced a zillion bits of artwork. I dug out an old crappy backup hard drive this evening to find some old band photos and came across this five page comic that I pained over from 2003. Five years ago! I thought I'd lost it and couldn't believe it when I found the folder buried among the mess of files.

I can't even relate to it anymore. What's with all the curses?! I was definitely influenced by Gorillaz and the whole band / comic thing at the time. I loved, and still love, Jamie Hewlett's stuff.

I can't believe the detail I went into at the time I wish I still had the time to work on such detailed personal stuff like that.

I really couldn't write scripts though, could I? What the hell is going on with the story?! Thank the lord Andrew got involved with the scripts for the stuff we're working on now. I've never shown it to anyone before.

Thursday 20 March 2008

Easter Rabbits

More rabbits in the Metro this morning for Easter. Nice full pager!

Wednesday 19 March 2008

Beach Beast in Umbrella

Another Beach Beast drifting quietly in his large umbrella, taken in Kerry last October.

I must go down to my sisters place in Kilcoole and take some photos. They're right on the beach and there's always lovely light which should work well with these fellows.

Tuesday 18 March 2008

Maximum Joy Poster

We spent the weekend with my brother Andrew and his wife Fiona in Sligo and had a blummin' lovely time. Very nice to get out of Dublin. I took a load of photos of the amazing scenery while on our various walks and hikes. On Sunday we were walking along Streedagh Strand when we came upon this fella just standing there staring at us. He sighed a few times, blinked and walked into the sea. Apparently these Beach Beasts are harmless but have been known to lick the surfers in Strandhill from time to time.

I thought the image would suit a poster I was working on for the a Maximum Joy show in April featuring Toby Tobias.

This is another one of me, Andrew and beastie.

Ok last experiment. I'm going to work on a few more of these during the week but with new characters and backgrounds.

Modrin Leprechauns

I didn't get a chance to post this last week but here's my version of the 21st Century Leprechaun that was part of a quick project organised by the lads in Scamp. Have a look at the rest of the sketches, they're ace.

Friday 14 March 2008

Next Months Dystopia

Just finished next months Dystopia for Totally Dublin mag which will be out early April. Andrew has sent a bunch of amazing new stories, I really like this one. Looking forward to illustrating some more as I was out of the swing of drawing comics for a while.

Right ho, I'm off to the West for the long weekend so see you next week. And remember, if you're driving, don't drink. And if you do, don't drive.

Wednesday 12 March 2008

Judge & Duchamp

My brother Andrew just texted me this image from Cork Airport. The title he sent was Judge & Duchamp...

Jo' Banger Photos

I dropped down to Jo' Banger to get some proper shots of the wall in situ this afternoon. The place is looking great and I'm really happy with the drawing. I also got my first Banger from the place, boy oh boy I highly recommend them. Dishlishious.

Tuesday 11 March 2008

Rabbit Box

Here's another Rabbit illustration that I've started to see around. He's my favourite I've worked on so far.

Mini Deck Artwork

Here be all the artwork for the Mini cards. The HearmeRoarsite has just gone live and is looking dandy. Go to the Full House section to see all eight cards as well as other by great illustrators. You can submit your own artwork there too and all the chosen ones will be part of the limited edition pack which will be available in a few months.

Friday 7 March 2008

Mini Deck of Cards

I'm working on a really nice project with McConnells for Mini. This is the design for the back of the cards. I designed eight cards each with a character based on the different models of Mini. The idea is then to get other illustrators to submit on the site when it goes live to make up the rest of the deck. I'll post the cards here once they're ready to go.

More Rabbits?

Am I boring you with the rabbits yet? Huh?

Here's one that's outside every pub on the little ashtray boxes.

Jo Banger

Just got a quick snap of the piece I did in Jo Banger on Baggott street in situ. I have to go take a bunch of proper shots next week.

The new dude

My brother Andrew sent me this lovely scan of his first baba this morning. Here he/she is relaxing by the pond reading the new Cormac McCarthy book "Good Country for Young Babys"

Looking forward to meeting you little buddy!

Henny Youngman

I'm working late on a thing and wanted to listen to Henny Youngman and his amazingly bad/awesomely/bad gags from Goodfellas on youtube but astoundingly, in this day and age , there's no link to it. Click th'other link above for some of his other crap.

Anyway, while searching I noticed more Rabbit animated action in an ad on the right. Bleedin rappah. The actual ads probably only show up if you're looking at the ads in Ireland.