Monday 14 December 2009

Christmas Art Fair Thing Part Deux!

Thanks to everyone who dropped in to the studio last Saturday it was a really fun day!

I have had a bunch of emails and texts from people asking if I will be opening again before Christmas as they couldn't make it so I have decided to leave everything set up and open the studio this Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 2-6pm (17th, 18th, 19th December).

I have run out of mulled wine but will be serving regular wine and mince pies and there'll be more seasonal music to dance to.

The Details again:

Address: 49 Pleasants Street, Side Door, Dublin 8 - click here for MAP
Date: Saturday 12th of December 2009
Time: 12pm-7pm

Paintings from €50
Prints from €10
Postcard/poster set from €20
T-Shirts from €10

Christmas Card

Illustration for Thinkhouse PR Christmas card. This is the second outing for the Worm Scarf

Thursday 3 December 2009

Christmas Art Fair Thing in My Studio!

I have decided to turn my humble cave-like studio into a mini Christmas art fair thing on Saturday the 12th of December.

I will be selling lots of original paintings for very reasonable prices, as well as prints, postcard sets, T-shirts and other bits and bobs.

There will be delicious complementary mulled wine and mince pies served as well as seasonal music to dance to.

If you're in the area drop in for some Christmas Cheer!


The Details:

Address: 49 Pleasants Street, Side Door, Dublin 8 - click here for MAP
Date: Saturday 12th of December 2009
Time: 12pm-7pm

Paintings from €50
Prints from €10
Postcard/poster set from €20
T-Shirts from €15

Wednesday 2 December 2009

Just what I always wanted...

The beautiful gentlemen from the Comic Cast have organised a great charity exhibition as part of this years Bring the Toys night in the Twisted Pepper in the 12th. Great bargains by brilliant comic nerds and all for a good cause.

As the lads put it:

Comic Cast Present...
"Just What I Always Wanted" Comic Gallery
feat. Chris Judge, Gerry Hunt, Bob Byrne, Katie Blackwood & more.
+ live music from Big Monster Love, Lauren Guillery and DJ Nialler9 (more acts TBA)

**All comic pieces will be auctioned off & proceeds donated to the cause**

Check out the amaaaaazing poster by the V. Talented Phil Barrett.

Bernard Shaw winter Exhibition

I have four big paintings for sale at this years Bernard Shaw Winter Exhibition each going for the princely sum of €120! There'll be a ton of great work at the show so stick your head in if you're up that way.

Opens Friday 4th December 7:30pm in the Bernard Shaw on Richmond Street.

Tuesday 1 December 2009

The Market in Kilkenny.

The Arts Office in Kilkenny is hosting a fantastic Christmas market this Saturday and I will have several small works of art for sale in it. Click the poster for more in info!

The lovely poster is by my good pal Ale Mercado who is one of Irelands greatest living Spanish/Kilkenny illustrators.

10 x 10 show in Galway.

I was honoured to be asked to be one of 10 artists asked to be asked to submit 10 paintings to the 10 x 10 show in Galway's White Room gallery this Friday. That's one of my ten there. Forgot to take photos of the rest of them as usual.

"The idea behind this exhibition is to have 10 artists submit 10 pieces of art that would measure 10 inches by 10 inches. Each piece would need to be for sale and be priced at €100 or under."

Drop in if you're in the are I believe there is lots of amazing work.

More info here.

Galway Heineken UV Madness

Here's a coupla dodgy shots from the Galway Heineken Expression night last Friday night in Karma nightclub. Artist included the mighty Des, Steve Simpson, Gaetan Billault and BRENB. We were drawing with UV markers on perspex for the evening. Great fun had by all.

Monday 23 November 2009

Dublin Flea Market

I was really excited to be asked to create a new poster for the November Dublin Flea Market which takes place every month in The Coop, Newmarket, Dublin 8. It's a fantastical market described by the lovely people who run it as "a bizarre bazaar of vintage clothing, bric-a-brac and what nots in Dublin's city centre".

The poster will be on sale for 5 eurons at the market alongside all of the other amazing posters created over the last year. It's a smashing way to spend a wintery Sunday so stick your head in if your nearby.

Thursday 19 November 2009


I downloaded a free app for the iPhone called Spawn which allows you make amazing fluid weirdness. I captured a few of them and put eyes on them. Here's one of the blighters. Interesting.


Warlords Of Pez Cover Image

I was very excited to get an email from my least favourite Irish band Warlords Of Pez to draw on the front of their Lyrics Monkey pad on Halloween night. The budget was €8000 so I jumped at the chance to do it. However, at the end of the night when I opened the envelope all I found was €8 and a voucher for minus €200 for Arnotts. I have to go in and work there for the weekend to pay them back. Might see you in the Tommy Hilfiger section...


Cork Heineken Expression

I'm cussing that I didn't bring my good camera to The Cork Heineken Expression event last weekend. This is the only only decent shot I got of the mirror I drew all over. The walls looked amazing, covered in florescent drawing by Ireland's finest. I'll post proper shots of everyone's work here when I get the official shots.

Thanks to the Small Print boyos for a brilliant night.

Absolut Chalk!

I reckon I haven't drawn with chalk since roughly 1194 when I left school so it was a strange challenge to get this commission for Absolut Vodka to fill a blackboard with chalk drawings for their Absolut Rock night last week in the Sugar Club. Bizarre to be using a medium that was once so familiar....

Wednesday 18 November 2009

Denny Fun!

Over the last few weeks I've been working with Pete Snodden in DDFHB on these fun bespoke illustrations for Denny to match their current Homeis campaign for various local newspapers and the previous Denny shopfronts I posted about here over the last few weeks. Here's a selection of them.

PS OMG we was so robbed by the French in the match!! Handball mania. We now have another wet miserable summer ahead of us no doubt but at least we could have enjoyed The Worldcup in some form had we got through.

Awful horror show.


Tuesday 17 November 2009

Movember Charity Auction

This years Movember charity auction is now live on eBay which is for a very good cause. This is my piece. I forget to get a scan of it before submitting so I just nabbed this from the auction page.

Lots more lovely images for sale by great artists.

Wednesday 4 November 2009

Irish Illustrators Exhibition Opening!

Another day another opening, wha'?

I've spent the last few weeks (on and off) organising a show for the IGI in association with OFFSET. It's all hung and ready to go so drop in to Solas tonight if you're around.

All the details here.

Monday 2 November 2009

Peepshow Tonight!

The Peepshow exhibition opens tonight. First of many openings this week as part of OFFSET which kicks off next Friday. Clik here for more info!

Wednesday 28 October 2009

Design Week Graphic Novel.

More comics. This is a two pager I worked on last week for a new collaborative graphic novel called 'Machines, Miracles or Magic?' being produced by Lee Grace as part of Design Week. The premise was based on the brilliant Arthur C. Clarke quote “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

It will be launched on Friday 6th November 2009 at 6pm in Waterford City Library, Lady Lane.

Click images to see bigger versions .

Can't wait to see it!

Movember Comic

I was asked to contribute a page to a book that was made as part of the Movember charity week. I did a comic strip based on the jealousy of not really being able to grow facial hair as a teenager while all my friends were able to grow beards and sideburns and all sorts of hairy creations on their faces. I still can't even do it properly.

Click the image to read it all proper like.


As part of OFFSET 2009 the boyos in Small Print are hosting a really exciting exhibition exhibition called Peepshow in Monster Truck gallery. They asked a selection of artists to create a new piece of art based on pure expressive fantasy or humourous titillation. The ruder the better basically. I think it's going to be a very interesting show indeed ;-)

I was delighted to be asked to take part. Here's a small section from mine. You'll have to go see the show to see the rest of it along with the other artworks!

It opens on Monday 2nd November and will run all week along side OFFSET.

Monday 26 October 2009


I still haven't managed to see any of the Make A Wish posters I've done around. My Dad spotted this one in Dun Laoghaire so it was nice to see it in action.

Heineken Expression



I've been mad busy over the last week or so and completely forgot to post about the Heineken Expressions night that the Small Print hosted last Thursday. It was great fun meeting lots of new illustrators and scawling all over the walls. I forgot my blummin' camera as well but the lovely Tado managed to get a snap of my piece. Click here to see all the amazing work produced on the night on their Flickr site.

There will be two more events in the next few weeks where we'll be drawing live again. One in Cork on 13th November and one in Galway on 27th November. Loads more details here.

Thursday 15 October 2009

The Irish and Other Foreigners

The brilliant Shane Hegarty recently completed his third book called The Irish and Other Foreigners and I jumped at the chance to do the cover illustration when he asked me. A few years ago I used to draw a weekly illustration for his column in the Irish times magazine called Irisholgy so it was great fun to be back working with him.

He looks at what we think we know about the first Irish, where they came from and why they seem to have landed here long after they colonised our neighbours all the way up to modern immigration and emigration. A fascinating, informative and really funny read I tell you.

It will be available at the end of the month.

Wednesday 14 October 2009

Make A Wish Animation

As well I was working on the Spaceman poster for the Make A Wish charity print campaign I also designed these three characters for a section of a TV spot which is on at the moment.

Piranha Bar in Dublin modeled and animated them in 3D for the opening sequence of the ad and they look really lovely. Also check out Stephen Synnott's brilliant Knight which they brought t0 life brilliantly also.

Click here to see it.

Denny in Cork

This is the second pop-up shop for the Denny Home is campaign that can be seen around the country that I worked on recently with Peter Snodden in DDFHB. I did the door, sign and windows etc in this one. This one is on Patrick Street in Cork city.

Thursday 8 October 2009


Over the last six months I have been working on and off on a short animated film which I have FINALLY finished. We're just doing the editing at the moment. It's being shown tomorrow night for the first time as part of a Darklight night hosted by Synth Eastwood along with films by DADDY, Lovely productions and Fergal Brennan. We'll all be doing a talk about the films afterwards.

Click here for more details

It turned out to be a fun family collaboration with the story written by my brother Andrew and the sound and music done by my other brother Simon. I also had amazing help with the animation from two brilliant animators Andy Barry and Grace Chan.

I'll post the full film here next week.

Friday 2 October 2009

Make A Wish on Scamp

Just posted a full list of all of the amazing artwork done for Make a Wish on Scamp. Check it out!

Tuesday 29 September 2009

The Beasts

I've just reached the halfway mark of The Beasts picture book which is something I'm VERY excited about. It's a project I've probably started about 5 times but could never find the right tone or story so finally I've settled on a pure illustrated style rather than the usual illustration over photographic images I've been making for them. Hopefully the adventure will keep readers interested. Here's a small panel from it to give you an idea of how it will look.

At the same time I've wanted to do an exhibition using The Beasts as the main focus but again couldn't decide weather to use straight illustration or the drawings over photographs. I've been collecting those old framed prints of paintings in gilded frames from charity shops recently and thought they would be perfect to draw over as they are usually really dramatic and would suit the background rather than my painted efforts or amateur photos. So I tried one today and I'm really happy with it.

This is the first effort. I'll hopefully get a whole show out for the new year with this kind of thing.

Make A Wish

I was honoured to be asked to be one of several designers and illustrators to be asked to supply artwork for the brilliant Make A Wish charity. It will be used as a six sheet poster on bus stops and the like.

There's lots more info on their site here which you should check out. I'll post about the whole campaign on Scamp when I get all the artwork by the other artists. Amazing work so far. I also supplied three characters which are currently being animated for a TV ad so I'll post them here too once they go live.

We were given a list of wishes to choose from so I chose the one that I definitely would have chosen as a kid...

I think Kubrick is very much on my mind recently. The space suit is loosely based on Dave's in 2001.

PlayTown Mats

I finally received my physical PlayTown Mats™ after their journey around the world and Ireland. I worked on these at the start of the year. It was great to see them in the flesh and they look and feel really nice. And they slot together perfectly! I tried four of them together (2 hometown & 2 worktown). I have completed DownTown and FunTown which I'll post here once they're available.

Here's Ed, Billy and Tom giving them a thorough testing.

Click here for the original post about them.