Monday 24 August 2009

Pangea artwork and opening night pics

I FINALLY got around to gathering all the scans and photos of the artwork from the Pangea show as well as some photos taken on the night. I've just uploaded them all to Flickr so take a look if you have a chance. If you were at the opening there's probably one or two photos of you in there.

Click here to see all the artwork
Click here for photos from the opening night.

Thanks again to everyone who made it along it was a nerve wracking experience and was great to see you all there. Also, a big thanks you to everyone who helped out including, Cliona, Louis, Simon, Jeannie, Ash and Ruth Craig in Heineken for all the ice cold beer.


I've been terrible at posting here recently as I've been catching up on lots of other work but I'll be back on track with new posts now.

Tuesday 11 August 2009

Post Pangea

Finally get a chance to post something here after the bonkers few weeks leading up to the show.

Just want to say thank you so much to everyone who dropped in and hung out at the opening last Thursday it was spectacular fun. I'm always horribly nervous before my exhibitions so it was amazing to see so many familiar faces as well as not so familiar.

I'm currently assembling all the artwork and photos from the show and opening night and will post them here in the next few days along with a decent description about the night.

I'll also be getting back into more regular posting as I haven't had a chance to post any of my latest work.