Wednesday 26 May 2010

Denny Sambos

I'm currently working on a lovely new campaign for Denny with Peter Snodden and Roisin Keown in DDFHB that just went live this morning.

I just saw the first Adshel bus stop ad using this bit of illustration this morning on the bus so I will try to get a photo of it next time I'm on the bike. We're currently working on 24 one-off maps for bus stops around the country to guide people to nice secret green parks for lunch and picnics.

I'll post more as they go live.

Tuesday 11 May 2010

Rory's Story Cubes

I spent a really fun two days in Belfast last week with Rory O'Connor of Rory's Story Cubes drawing stories with school kids based on the cubes. This is one of the strips I produced on the day and Rory will be collecting two of mine as well as all of the kids work into a lovely book that will be sold in the school.

For a better idea of what the cubes are head over to The Creativity Hub. I highly recommend a set.

Kerry Bicycle Festival

This years Kerry Bicycle Festival is having it's third annual exhibition called Frame X of paintings, sculpture, photography and illustration work all of which is based on the oul bicycle. If last years exhibition is anything to go on I think this years will be even more exciting. Here's some pics from last years.

That's my submission above called Wood Bike. There'll be a framed print of it for sale at the show.

Have a pedal down to the show if you're down the West.

Thursday 6 May 2010

NHS Takes All Sorts

I recently completed an anti-smoking campaign of 7 posters for the NHS in the UK called It takes All Sorts with The Hub and Folio.

The idea behind the campaign was to focus on the various different types of smokers out there and rather than the usual doom and gloom approach, try and reach out to people to quit with a more upbeat message.

I just received the final files this morning and am delighted with how they turned out.