Tuesday 11 May 2010

Kerry Bicycle Festival

This years Kerry Bicycle Festival is having it's third annual exhibition called Frame X of paintings, sculpture, photography and illustration work all of which is based on the oul bicycle. If last years exhibition is anything to go on I think this years will be even more exciting. Here's some pics from last years.

That's my submission above called Wood Bike. There'll be a framed print of it for sale at the show.

Have a pedal down to the show if you're down the West.


Ciara said...

What a great idea, a wooden bike! There is a kids wooden bike that some of Billy's friends have and I'd love to get for him. It has no pedals!

Paddy said...

Flann O'Brien would be proud.

Sadhbh said...

Hey Chris, nice bike!
This is also a nice bike, thought you might get a kick out of it:

Chris Judge said...

Thanks folks. Sadhbh that's hilarious!