Tuesday 16 December 2008

Dystopia January

Next months Dystopia which will feature in the January issue of Totally Dublin.

Poor Charlie really has a terrible time...

Monday 15 December 2008

25,000 Mice to Africa

I recently worked on a project with a fantastic Irish Charity called Camara who are based here in Dublin. In they're own words:

Did you know that businesses and individuals in Ireland will throw out over 1 million working computers over the next 5 years? One of the goals of Camara is to stop these computers being dumped in Irish landfill sites and send them instead to schools and colleges in Africa.

I worked on illustrations to be used online and for posters for their 25,000 Mice to Africa campaign which aims to supply 276 schools, 7 countries, 4 hubs, with 25,000 mice. But enough babble from me, check out their great site and shop for more information and find out how to make use of your old computers.

Tuesday 9 December 2008

Die Welt Von Morgen, Gestern

I was delighted to be one of four artists including Bren B, Maser and Hugo Thompson asked to interpret the Audi tag line Vorsprung durch Technik for their Audi Experience exhibition that's currently running in the Old Harcourt Building on Hatch Street. I believe it's the same building where the train ploughed through the wall in 1900.

My painting is titled 'Die Welt von morgen, gestern'
which translates in English to "The World of tomorrow, yesterday." Here's the blurb that went with mine:

My piece is inspired by the type of aspirational 1950's artwork and advertising you'd find in vintage magazines. There's something magical about their vision of the future. Audi's Vorsprung durch Technik tag line always seemed very futuristic in a similar way so i decided to mix it all up. My painting is a vision of the future in the 50's with Beatniks (obviously the coolest people in the 50's), big bubble homes and, naturally, everyone zooming around in flying Audi's.

You can see the rest of the artworks on Scamp. The show runs until the 21st of December.

Glitch in the System

I recently did a really fun editorial illustration for The Official Xbox Magazine based on glitches in games and how gamers exploit and make use of these.

I'm not a big gamer myself but having done a bit of research and looked at videos of games on YouTube I was amazed at the quality of games these days. I'm intrigued.

I focused on some of the more bizarre glitches like invisible rifles and medieval fellas with big light beams bursting out of them.

Photo of it in the this months issue along side the original up above there.

Monday 8 December 2008

December Dystopia

This months topical Dystopia. Just in Time for Christmas.

Andrew's working on a whole new issue that we'll get start in January. Right Andrew?

Friday 5 December 2008

Alleviate Self Doubt Opening

Lovely prints.

Cliona's beautiful photo

Coupla shots from Candy's Alleviate Self Doubt opening in Versus last night. Lovely work all round and a great big crowd even on such a cold night.


Myself and Gav Beattie collaborated on a poster for the Mastodon gig last Wednesday. Gav had the great idea of a mermaid being torn to peices by a Great White shark. I drew up the mermaid and shark and Gav did the ace text and background and then screen printed it to sell at the show. Amazing job he did on the final image. I was really looking forward to the gig but of course came down with a crappy cold and missed it.

Click the pic to see a bigger version.

There's lots of beautiful original screen prints on the TLH site check them out when you have a moment.

Thursday 4 December 2008

Alleviate Self Doubt

Candy are launching a brilliant new set of postcards on the theme Alleviate Self Doubt in Versus tonight at 7pm. I was going to try and describe what it's all about but the lads have done a very good job here.

I was delighted to be asked to be one of the eleven artist involved which includes one of my favourite Irish illustrators Alan Clarke, Aidan Kelly, Keith Walsh, Cliona O'Flaherty, Rich Gilligan and lots more talented people.

That's mine up there.

There's also a limited edition posters of the artwork also so get there early I says.


I've just slightly festivised (is that a word?) The Shop on my site. There's a bunch of little paintings for sale on it and they're all looking for a new home. If you'd like to have one in time for Christmas make sure you place your order before the 18th of December.

Click here to have a browse.

All postage is free and done through paypal.

50 - Art Sale & Exhibition

I have 5 pieces in a group exhibition that opens tomorrow evening in 50 Pembroke road in Ballsbridge. Looks like it will be a great show. Details from their site:

50 is a "by invitation only" art sale taking place in Ballsbridge on the 5th and 6th of December. It will feature work from emerging French and Irish artists, including Joby Hickey , Bennie Reilly, Ciaran Crowley, Fab LaPlace, Chris Judge, Mairead DeBlaca and David Franklin. We are thrilled to have such an exceptional collection of artists for the show, we hope you enjoy it!

If you would like to get an invitation visit their site for details.

I've been wanting to paint these extremely ordinary portraits of fictional people for age now so it was a great excuse to work on them. Here's two of them, I had the other three wrapped up for delivery before I realised I hadn't taken any bleedin photos of them. I'll post the other three here next week.