Tuesday 9 December 2008

Glitch in the System

I recently did a really fun editorial illustration for The Official Xbox Magazine based on glitches in games and how gamers exploit and make use of these.

I'm not a big gamer myself but having done a bit of research and looked at videos of games on YouTube I was amazed at the quality of games these days. I'm intrigued.

I focused on some of the more bizarre glitches like invisible rifles and medieval fellas with big light beams bursting out of them.

Photo of it in the this months issue along side the original up above there.


Paddy said...


Are they threatening cubes of ham or pork in the background?

Chris Judge said...

They are now! When will we get to eat bacon butties again I wonder?

Andrew said...

I recall the infinite loop in Elite on the ZX Spectrum that allowed me to amass a fortune by transporting non-existent passengers between planets.

Ciara said...

Ha ha! The bizarre world that isn't. I have yet to open tat particular door!

Love the illustration Chris!