Friday 29 February 2008

Vodafone Giant's Causeway

This is another Vodafone Roaming Illustration that will print as a 48 sheet and can be seen up North at the border in various locations from next week. It took a few goes to get the causeway right as we wanted it to match the others ones we'd done. And we didn't want to upset any giants.

Lovely Cat

A colleague of mine, Maxi, spotted this amazingness earlier this morning and just sent it to me. It's from a big illustration I worked on last year in the docks. The cat's head was cut off in the printing but some amazing artist has finished it off. So brilliant.

Wednesday 27 February 2008

Daily Drawing #7

Here's a really bad one I did late last night. I remember watching Footloose lots with my sisters on VHS and being amazed that Kevin Bacon's second name was Bacon and just by chance looked exactly like a pig! No one else seemed to care but it always stuck with me. Whenever someone mentions The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon I always think of a pig with sunglasses lying on a deckchair for some reason. My friend Mike also said that Val Kilmer looks exactly like a sweaty pig poured into a human skin sack.

Anyway, here's Kevin Human Meat, the pig actor from pigworld. I should have had a job in Oink Comic...

Tuesday 26 February 2008


Here's next months Dystopia for Totally Dublin....ahem.

Vodafone Flying Phones

Here's the first of four Vodafone print and internet animation ads I've just finished which feature flying phones as birdies for a Roaming campaign.

After working on the first few, with DDFHB, we realised they looked a bit old 50's postcards so we tried applying a vintage distressed look on them but it looked all wrong. Ah well. Nice summery feel to them though. I'll post the rest of them here when they're all jazzed up.

Monday 25 February 2008

Jo' Banger Wall Art

I spent all day Sunday scrawling on the walls of a new deli on Baggot Street called Jo' banger. It's a follow up to the too tempting Jo' Burger in Rathmines which I highly recommend. They'll be serving lovely fancy gourmet sausages and other delights.

Here's some shots of the final piece that I took, which are a bit dark as I didn't realise the lights were working until just before I left. I took a load of photos of the thing as I drew it which I'll post here to show how it was made. It opens on Tuesday so I'll go down during the week and take some proper photos of it with the whole place finished and post them here.

The whole place is decorated in B&W and florescent pink so I was a bit worried about how to do it all using just one colour with the B&W. I was introduced to the amazing Posca markers by the lovely boyos in Candy at the Garden Party last Summer which I drew all the black with them (gud englis cris). The florescent pink is Posca and acrylic. I drew it all without any sketches but the balance of pink proved difficult but after a lot of standing back and biting nails I think I found the right balance.

See you there for a bleedin' sausage.

Thursday 21 February 2008

Beasts Book 2 Submission

There's a great book that came out last year called Beasts published by Fantagraphics and they're just about to release another called Beasts Book 2 full of lots of amazing artists. They need to fill one more page so they're looking for submissions.

I noticed there wasn't any Irish Beasties in the first one so here's my submission.

It's called "The Phooka" or "PĂșca" in the Irish language. It's one of my favourite of all the mythical creatures we have here in Ireland. It plays a part in the best Irish novel ever written At Swim Two Birds by Flann O'Brien.

More here about it.

Wednesday 20 February 2008

Daily Drawing #6

Dailing drawing six. What kind of results?

Monday 18 February 2008

Some Shots from Ink 69

Well, like, I've let myself down already in blog world and missed a few days on the Daily Drawing because of the exhibition. It was pretty manic with all the organising and all that crap but amazing fun! It was a smashing success. We sold 11 of 13 paintings so we're over the moon.

Anyway, here's some shots by the lovely Nicky Lianos on flickr. That's me on the right looking manic from being stressed at the opening and Fergal on the left. I have tons more photos that I'll put up here tomorrow along with shots of all the paintings.

Thursday 14 February 2008

Valentine Rabbits

More Vodafone rabbits appearing! I just picked up this mornings Metro on the bus which features a wraparound cover of a special valentine's day Rabbit illustration for the cover along with three other on the back and two inside covers.

Wednesday 13 February 2008

Rabbit on the bin

While out in Dun Laoghaire picking up the paintings this morning I spotted this little fellow on the side of a bin. There was a granny walking by and I overheard her saying to her granddaughter "I don't know, maybe he just likes bins" while I was taking the photo. Sigh.

All set for tomorrow!

We just finished hanging the show in Monster Truck. When I say we, I mean Terry from the RHA who did an amazing job hanging them. I picked the paintings up from the framer this morning and it wasn't until I got to the Monster Truck before I actually saw the ones Fergal did. They're just amazing. If you're in Dublin drop in and have a look around while sipping a glass of wine.

Daily Drawing #5

Woah this is a late one for the daily drawing.
This one came out all wrong. I was thinking about a cute character on my cycle home with lots of noses who suddenly gets that twang of a cold and that moment of terror after the first groggy sneeze. I drew the noses but then the rest of the face turned into this plonker.

Monday 11 February 2008

Daily Drawing # 4

Taking care of business.

Friday 8 February 2008

Death Proof review

I made this illustrated review of Death Proof the other night as the credits rolled. I sent it to some friends and Mike suggested doing more for other movies. Next: No country for Old men.

Daily Drawing #3

The doctor is now drunk, and has a gun.

Thursday 7 February 2008

Editorial Illustration Process

I've got drawers full of pencil and inked sketches that never see the light of day so here's an example of the process of an editorial illustration that came in yesterday that I worked on today.

This is for an article about Mounties in Canada who have been asked to stop using their Blackberrys outside working hours. They're all addicted to them!

Vodafone Rabbit ads in TD

These are four ads that ran over four pages in this months Totally Dublin for Vodafone using the Rabbit characters I've been working on.

Ink 69 in Totally Dublin

I just picked up this months Totally Dublin magazine this after noon and there's a few bits and bobs of my stuff in there so I'll put them up here over the next few posts.

This is a full pager about myself an Fergal's exhibition which opens on the 14th next week.

Daily Drawing #2

I watched Death Proof last night. Dear god what a waste of time. There were a few, very few, good bits in it but all the way through I was waiting for it to end.

I really like Kurt Russell though. He's done lots of crap films in his time but I drew this in honour of the good characters he's played. The names are spoonered. I spoonerised them.

Wednesday 6 February 2008


Cliona recently reminded me about a Faces in Amazing Places project she did as a project in college. I think everyone sees these everywhere even if you're not aware of it. I was putting out the bins earlier and spotted this guy in the micro back yard. I can't believe I never noticed him. He's a tabocco juice leaking cyclops who's saying "No worries dude, I'm happy to wait here, go back inside, I'll sort them out."

How to make a million online

It's been a while since I did any editorial work so it took me a few goes to get back into the swing of it. I ended up doing the whole thing on the computer which I haven't done in a while. Feels weird! It's called How to make a million online and it's in this months Talk Talk Broadband magazine in the UK.

Pencil Sharpener

My dad just bought me this on ebay, after I tried to steal one from their house that he got for himself. It's a beautiful vintage 1950's pencil sharpener from Boston. Works incredibly well. I've wanted one of these since I was a kid. I need to screw it down to something but can't decide the best place for it. I'm going to get an electric one someday....

Daily Drawing #1

So I'm going to attempt to do a drawing in my notebook and post it here every day. Yeah, we'll see...

Here's todays.

Tuesday 5 February 2008

And another thing...

I found another photo of one of my pages from the notebook project. This one is from the And another thing... book which is full of great work giving out about bloody this and bloody that. Lovely.

The project itself is a great way of experimenting and seeing other peoples work in the flesh. I often wonder how some of my contemporaries achieve some of their effects so now I know all their trade secrets. Looking forward to getting my next one in the post.

Vodafone Rabbits

I'm currently working on a nice campaign for Vodafone called IOU. This is the first of about 15 rabbits that will be popping up around the country from now to the Summer. This is the first character to be used and I spotted him today in the wild in Tara Street Dart station.

Monday 4 February 2008


I found another one of my pages from the Sketchbook Project. This one is from City. I have two more illustrations photographed at home which I must upload tomorrow.

Also, there's a Flickr account dedicated to scans of everyones work so I must get the URL for that. They look amazing.

Ok, I'm off to dinner in the winding stair. Hope it's nice.

Happy Birthday

It's Cliona's birthday today...too many presents...

Roy of the Robots

This is my page from one the notebooks from a great project I'm involved in with 40 illustrators from the IGI. There was originally 11 notebooks in circulation but unfortunately three have them have gone missing full of lovely original artwork! Terrible news. I'll post mine as I do them here. I have some more of my pages on an SD card somewhere. Now where the hell did I leave it...


This is a photo of my studio that I took last month (on a particularly tidy day of course). My friend Mr. Wickham helped me build a huge unit to the right (out of the picture) that holds all my crap, so the work area is all nice and tidy. The whole studio was a jumble before the BIG shelves so it's good for my brain to have a relatively tidy workspace.

First post

Thanks for visiting my blog.
The plan is to post something here everyday and I hope to include sketches, finished artworks and photos. Also, anything that's going on that catches my eye.

I guess I'll start my my current news which is an exhibition I'm working on with Fergal Brennan which opens on February 14th in Monster Truck Gallery. Details below:

Chris Judge & Fergal Brennan
Ink 69

Opening 14th Feb 6-8pm
- Monster Truck Gallery

Exhibition continues untill 19th Feb 2008
Imagine the most amazing drawing you can think of in your head.
Got it?
Well done!

If you cant do that, why don't you come see the most amazing drawings that Chris Judge and Fergal Brennan have not only imagined, but have, through their collaborative efforts, utilising the medium of pen and paper, vividly brought to fruition!?
They have been collected together in an exhibition entitled INK 69.
These veritable cakes for your eye-rods can be viewed at the Monster Truck Gallery on the 14th – 19th February.