Monday 4 February 2008

First post

Thanks for visiting my blog.
The plan is to post something here everyday and I hope to include sketches, finished artworks and photos. Also, anything that's going on that catches my eye.

I guess I'll start my my current news which is an exhibition I'm working on with Fergal Brennan which opens on February 14th in Monster Truck Gallery. Details below:

Chris Judge & Fergal Brennan
Ink 69

Opening 14th Feb 6-8pm
- Monster Truck Gallery

Exhibition continues untill 19th Feb 2008
Imagine the most amazing drawing you can think of in your head.
Got it?
Well done!

If you cant do that, why don't you come see the most amazing drawings that Chris Judge and Fergal Brennan have not only imagined, but have, through their collaborative efforts, utilising the medium of pen and paper, vividly brought to fruition!?
They have been collected together in an exhibition entitled INK 69.
These veritable cakes for your eye-rods can be viewed at the Monster Truck Gallery on the 14th – 19th February.

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Ciara said...

This is so brilliant! Look forward to checking in EVERY day! :-)