Monday 25 February 2008

Jo' Banger Wall Art

I spent all day Sunday scrawling on the walls of a new deli on Baggot Street called Jo' banger. It's a follow up to the too tempting Jo' Burger in Rathmines which I highly recommend. They'll be serving lovely fancy gourmet sausages and other delights.

Here's some shots of the final piece that I took, which are a bit dark as I didn't realise the lights were working until just before I left. I took a load of photos of the thing as I drew it which I'll post here to show how it was made. It opens on Tuesday so I'll go down during the week and take some proper photos of it with the whole place finished and post them here.

The whole place is decorated in B&W and florescent pink so I was a bit worried about how to do it all using just one colour with the B&W. I was introduced to the amazing Posca markers by the lovely boyos in Candy at the Garden Party last Summer which I drew all the black with them (gud englis cris). The florescent pink is Posca and acrylic. I drew it all without any sketches but the balance of pink proved difficult but after a lot of standing back and biting nails I think I found the right balance.

See you there for a bleedin' sausage.

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