Monday 29 June 2009

Carlberg Comedy Festival 2009

The Carlsberg Comedy Festival, which takes palce in the Iveagh Gardens, Dublin from Thursday 23rd - Sun 26th, have decided to run with the same artwork I worked on last Summer with IIBBDO for the 2008 festival. I've just started to see some stuff pop up around the city.

When I was out for my elevenzis this morning I found myself running after a bus on Camden street to get a photo of it on the side panel. So strolled down to to Wexford street to where I had spotted two large posters and a bus stop on the way in which had them on it.

Looks like a great line-up so see you there if you like laughing and getting sunburnt.

Monday 22 June 2009


I've been working on and off on these Beast images over the last few years and have just started gathering them all together. Most of them are photos I've taken on my travels and holidays over the last few years that I've drawn into. I'm going to work on an animation using the characters soon but thought it would be nice do a little film just panning across the original images like an old 70's movie sequence.

I've been obsessing over Bill Callahan's latest album 'Sometimes I wish we were an Eagle' (highly recommended if you haven't got it) so I decided to put the little film to my favourite song from it 'Jim Cain'.

Have a look if you've got a few minutes to spare or click here for a bigger youtube version

Tuesday 16 June 2009

Fruit Pastilles

I worked on these Fruit Pastilles illustrations with Mark Shanley in DDFHB about two years ago and I really loved the way they turned out. I'm never quite certain how things will look when they've made the move from my screen out into the real world but so it was great news to hear that they wanted to use them again for a new campaign. I've just started spotting them around town on the bus shelters and backs of buses. Big colourdy fun!

Monday 15 June 2009

Eigse Arts Festival 2009

Alan & Stephen looking Dandy

I was delighted to be asked to take part in this years Eigse arts festival in Carlow. The beautiful St. Patrick's College in the town center is host to a huge exhibition of paintings by various artists from around the country. This year they have a dedicated space of work by four Irish illustrators including myself, Alan Clarke, Derry Dillon and Stephen Ledwidge.

We piled down on Friday evening for the opening which was great fun. The show runs until the 21st and is well worth a look if you're in that part of the country.

Monday 8 June 2009

New Website and Postcard Box

Blimey. After working on and tweaking my new website for the last two months I finally finished it last night and uploaded it. There's a bunch of new work up there as well as some new sections. Have a browse if you have a moment and please alert me of any broken links as well as spelling mistakes (of which there's a few no doubt).

I've also just made a brand new box of treats available for purchase on the site in the shop section which contains 8 shiny new postcards, a fancy poster and an original mini signed water colour painting all for the princely sum of €20 which includes free postage.

Ben & Jerry's Canvas Bag

This is my design for a canvas bag for Ben & Jerry's new Fair Trade Chocolate Macadamia flavour that I worked on recently with Thinkhouse. The theme was Its What’s Inside That Counts.

May Latest Work on Scamp

Lots of great new work by IGI members from the month of May just uploaded on