Monday 15 June 2009

Eigse Arts Festival 2009

Alan & Stephen looking Dandy

I was delighted to be asked to take part in this years Eigse arts festival in Carlow. The beautiful St. Patrick's College in the town center is host to a huge exhibition of paintings by various artists from around the country. This year they have a dedicated space of work by four Irish illustrators including myself, Alan Clarke, Derry Dillon and Stephen Ledwidge.

We piled down on Friday evening for the opening which was great fun. The show runs until the 21st and is well worth a look if you're in that part of the country.


TJ said...

Hi there! I'm just passing by and have to say I really like your illustrations! Also took a quick browse on your website, it looks really good! I will take a better look later on. I just started blogging (a new world opened up for me haha) and I will post few sketches and art from myself (I also have a deviantart), would love to know what your thoughts are about them! Keep up the good work & Take care!

Paddy said...


We woulda been there if we had known. Might take the train/bus there for a look.

Word verification is 'cousca' which sounds like Emma's dog.

Aden Meyler said...

Hi Chris, I'm a friend of your sister Ciara and I just wanted to tell you how much I love your art! It so cool and it always seems cheery!

Paddy said...

Are those little red do things I see on 75% of your contribution?

Andrew said...

Geez! I miss a couple of blog entries and you are suddenly producing the best paintings you've ever done. WTF? I want to buy them all and they're gone already. What's up with that? "Big Lizard Man and the Boy Thing"? Genius! "Monster with Kite"? Pathos! "I Hate Boats" - Picasso would have wet his pants if he'd thought of that.