Tuesday 29 September 2009

Make A Wish

I was honoured to be asked to be one of several designers and illustrators to be asked to supply artwork for the brilliant Make A Wish charity. It will be used as a six sheet poster on bus stops and the like.

There's lots more info on their site here which you should check out. I'll post about the whole campaign on Scamp when I get all the artwork by the other artists. Amazing work so far. I also supplied three characters which are currently being animated for a TV ad so I'll post them here too once they go live.

We were given a list of wishes to choose from so I chose the one that I definitely would have chosen as a kid...

I think Kubrick is very much on my mind recently. The space suit is loosely based on Dave's in 2001.


Sadhbh said...

Hey Chris,
Nice job for a really good cause. Your projects are always such fun!
BTW, I've added you as a 'Blog I like to visit' on my new little blog. See ya, Sadhbh

Chris Judge said...

Thanks Sadhbh! Loving the work on your blog :-)

Paddy said...

Looks amazing. Well done.