Friday 25 September 2009

Kubrick Exhibition

Click image for big version

I was very excited to be asked to contribute to a group show of painting, photography and illustration of brand new works inspired by the work of Stanley Kubrick. The scope for ideas was mind boggling and I immediately wanted to do something based on Dr, Strangelove as it's probably my favourite film ever. But I couldn't come up with anything I was happy with.

I watched Barry Lyndon and The Shining again for inspiration and even before I got to the end of The Shining I knew I wanted to recreate that creepy, creepy photo at the end.

It was actually quite difficult to find a decent version of the image online but I eventually found a clearish one I could work from. I've redrawn as many of the people in the photo as possible (with the inclusion of myself). It took me 3 days to draw, probably the longest I've spent on one piece! I did it all with a pocket brush to keep the same consitancy.

The show which is called Taming Light is curated by film critic John McGuire and will be on show in the Lighthouse cinema from October 1st - 31st. I've seen a selection of other work from the show and it's just amazing. I was delighted to see that two IGI pals Padhraig Nolan and Steve Doogan were also on the lineup.

And what about the hand painted poster by Martin Ansin up there? Sheesh.

Check it out if your down smithfield way.


Paddy said...

How did you know that was one of my favourite movie scenes, albeit a creepy one?
Great representation. Now I know!

Andrew said...

Great idea for an exhibition. Good choice too. You should have a spoiler alert on it though, as in SPOILER: That's Jack Nicholson at the front. IN 1921! OMG! HE'S DEAD! AND ALIVE! OR A GHOST OR SOMETHING!

Emmet said...

Fantastic Illustration Chris, brilliant choice of subject and really great interpretation.

Chris Judge said...

Thanks fellers.

Paddy you let me watch that film when I was about 12 and it freaked me out. That final photo stuck with me since then.

Andrew I forgot it was a spoiler! Sorry. Bruce Willis is dead in Sixth Sense! Sorry, can't stop it now...

Thanks Emmet much appreciated.

Ciara said...

Brilliant! So sorry I missed the opening. Will def get in and see it before it ends.