Wednesday 14 October 2009

Make A Wish Animation

As well I was working on the Spaceman poster for the Make A Wish charity print campaign I also designed these three characters for a section of a TV spot which is on at the moment.

Piranha Bar in Dublin modeled and animated them in 3D for the opening sequence of the ad and they look really lovely. Also check out Stephen Synnott's brilliant Knight which they brought t0 life brilliantly also.

Click here to see it.


mollycupcakes said...

I wonder if you canhelp me find something, I googled Ben & Jerry's bag and found your blog page.
Did you ever see a canva bag with a pink ice-cream on it that was Ben & Jerry's design.
Hope you don't mind me asking. I saw a girl walking across the road from me a couple and am now kicking myself for not going over and asking her where did she get it from. Argh!
Thanks for your time.

Paddy said...

The animation looks great. You should be in the credits!

Emma said...

Wonderful characters, Chris. I love the animation too.