Friday 3 October 2008

23 New Paintings

I've just put up a new shop on my website with 23 new paintings. I've been slowly working on them over the last four months so and I'm really happy with them. It's often a good distraction from the more commercial. Good to get ones hands dirty every so often, wha?

Did I mention that all shipping is free with every purchase?

Click here to have a browse.


Ciara said...

Hey, great stuff!

First up, I love the Welcome Dog. He's lovely.
And the paintings look great, I think Pollux is my fave. And the names! Wonderful! Where did you get them? Sirius? And Regulus?
Nice. :-)

Paddy said...

Great collection.

Prices are v. reasonable too. Even our bank institutions could afford one.

Chris Judge said...

Thanks yous guys. Ciara, the names are from 23 of the closest stars to our sun (always wanted to use them for something!)