Thursday 19 February 2009

Blog Awards Shortlist! UPDATE!

Well, this old blog didn't win this year but we had a great time in Cork at the awards. Well done to Pursued by a Bear for winning.


I'm really delighted to announce that I've been shortlisted as one of five blogs in the Best Arts and Culture Blog section of The Irish Blog awards. This section is sponsored by Poetry Ireland. Thank you very much to the Judges involved! The event takes place in Cork this Saturday which should be a great evening.

Also nominated on the shortlist is a fine collection of blogs including Scamp, Pursued by a Bear, The Asylum and Devious Theatre. Good luck to all.

I've been doing this blog for just over a year and it's really opened up a whole new world to me. My sister Ciara, who has a collection of amazing blogs here and here, inspired me to start a blog and it's been a fantastic way for me to share my work as well create new work specifically for the blog.

Now to try and keep the momentum up for another year...


Ciara said...

YAY CONGRATS CHRIS!!!! Best of luck with that.

I am so totally not surprised! :-)

Paddy said...

Well done. Good luck with the next step.
Well deserved........of course.

Deirdre said...

Congratulatons thats great news, well deserved.
Best of luck with the rest of it.

Sharon Hearne Smith said...

wow chris - well done - well, what was the result? hope you won!

Emma said...

Oh, well. It was nice to get the nomination. Congratulations to Pursued by a Bear. I'm sure you had a nice night at the ceremony anyway!

Chris Judge said...

Thanks everyone! Brilliant to be nominated.