Tuesday 14 April 2009

Mash Up Photos

My Guy before

My guy after make over

Bren's guy post make over

Scalder at work

Des's artwork

Dave's work

Here's a few photos from the Mash Up drawing fest on Sunday night. There were five 8x4 foot boards nailed to wall all sparkly white so we took one each and drew an initial central character and then moved to each board and filled in the rest, adding to and destroying each others artwork. Great fun indeed. They all turned out really nice.

Apologies for the dodgy photos it was really dark and there was dry ice being pumped out constantly to add to the atmos as the kids say.

Oh yeah and Donal Dineen was playing the whole time we drew which was ace!


Paddy said...

Looks like great fun was had by all.

P Nolan said...

I had a schmashink time. And its sent me off on a trawl through aeroplane's remix back catalogue. Which is nice.

Ciara said...

Ah. Good to hear you survived and did a great job! I was wondering about the jetlag as you headed off!

Looks like it was a good night. :-)

SpAz said...

Great art!