Thursday 7 October 2010

Two Magazine Covers

I haven't done a magazine cover in a long while and then two come along that are published on the same day which is most exciting.

The first is for the lovely online Magazine LeCool which should be winging it's way to inboxes this afternoon. Autumn is probably my favourite time of year and I really noticed it kicking in on the way to work the other day and wanted to capture the shift from greens to yellows and browns. I've represented Autumn with a large character called Autumnal Man sweeping through the city. The background is a photo I took in Tokyo in October 2008 just as the leaves were turning. I will also be doing next weeks cover which I'll post here. Thanks to Ciaran and Michael for the commission.

Also published today is my part in the cover of this weeks Dubliner magazine which comes free with todays Herald newspaper. It was a really fun commission that I worked on with designer Fiachra McCarthy. They had taken this photo of Mick Pyro and wanted to represent his various demons from his past in the background. I also drew all the type. I enjoyed this a lot.


Emma said...

Love them both, Chris. Autumn is one of my favourite times too, especially the smell of apples and Hallowe'en bonfires. At first I thought your demons looked too easy to beat, but then I realized their charm would make them hard to kill off completely -- "Ah, sure we're only havin' a laugh". Nice job.

Paddy said...

Looks great. Must look out for the mag on the street.