Tuesday 22 February 2011

The Lonely Beast website!

After lots of false starts and much work I have finally finished The Lonely Beast Book website. There's lots of down-loadable stuff as well as info and photos so have a browse when you have a moment or two. It's iPhone and iPad friendly too so if you have either of those check it out in those formats. Thanks to Amy D'eath in Andersen Press for the help with some of the graphics and sound advice.

We are currently working on a video of the Beast out and about in the woods using the incredible suit that Renate Heschke created. All will be revealed in the next week or two!

I've received a bunch of emails looking for signed copies of the book so you can now purchase it here directly from me for €10 with a signature and inscription of your choice along with a nice postcard, all with free shipping! Apologies for my very basic shop :-)

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