Thursday 7 April 2011

Pivot Dublin

Pivot Dublin have just submitted Dublin’s bid for World Design Capital 2014 and I was delighted to be asked to contribute to create one of several covers that is being used on the document.

My submission is based on the new building on Dame Street (about which there is NOTHING on the internet anywhere, I think it might not even be there) next to City Hall.

Since I moved into my new studio on dame Street this building (with no name)  has been the main view from my window and at first I really didn't like it, (along with lots of other people it seems) but have since grown a soft spot for it namely because it looks like a big friendly robot. So hence my addition of the robot face. This represents the good parts of Dublin in hibernation while we wade through the recession for the next few years.

If anyone involved in the creation of this mysterious building (with no DOOR either) please consider adding this face to the building I think it would be lovely!

You can see lots of lovely covers by some of Ireland's leading creatives here.

Did I mention that there is nothing about this building on the internet?


MarvinJ said...


This may help

Ciara said...

LOL! Brilliant post Chris!

Yes, it definitely needs a friendly robot face!

Ciara said...

Oh! And well done on being picked!! :-D

The Dirt Dude said...

Awww, that's so sweet!

Emma said...

Eh, that last comment was by me but I'm sure Mike would agree:D