Tuesday 17 May 2011

Reminder about CBI conference this Weekend!

Just a quick reminder about the session I'm involved in this weekend with some pals.


I'm honoured to be have been invited to be a guest speaker at this years Children's Books Ireland conference along side some of Ireland's most talented illustrators and writers. It takes place on the 21st-22nd May in the National Library, Dublin. I am also very chuffed that they used The Beast for the cover of their programme and posters.

This is the event I'll be taking part in so I have to get my thinking cap on:

Sunday 21st, 2.45 Picture-book Inspiration 4x4 with Emma Byrne, Chris Haughton, Chris Judge & Steve Simpson
Take four of Irelands most talented picture-book designers and illustrators then challenge then to talk about
their four favourite designers and illustrators. The catch? They have only two minutes per artist to make their case!  

Click here to find out more about the fantastic event.


Paddy said...

It was a great success!

marta said...

i can´t believe you were hanging out with Helen Oxenbury... !!!