Thursday 23 February 2012

Guided By Voices Project

I've had this idea to make poster type illustrations based on some of my favourite Guided By Voices songs and finally got around to starting them. The main reason behind the project is to experiment with hand drawn type and create quick illustrations in reaction to the songs.

I have the first five ready and have started posting the to a new Tumblr site. I will hopefully keep adding to them when I have time.

For those who don't know GBV I have included a link under each image to where you can hear the songs. The band are not to everyone's taste but those who love them (like me) border on obsessive over them (like me). I have roughly 1200 songs by GBV and Robert Pollard so the project could be pretty lengthy! Apparently he has written over 6000 songs...

Click here to see the site and click Follow for future updates. I'd love to hear from any GBV fans out there as to what they think of them.

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