Thursday 17 July 2008

Mood Clouds

I have collaborated again with my sister Ciara on an idea we had when I was painting the cloudy looking picture for the Stratus exhibition. These plush fellows are called Mood Clouds because one side is white with a big smiley face and the other is black with a big angry face. So depending on your mood when you get home you can either face the bright happy side out on your couch or the black angry side when when you're all pissed off. Or you can just bash people over the head with them.

There's also a picture of all the new decapitated animal heads and limbs for the Versus show along with the clouds that Ciara has worked on all week. Cliona took loads of nice product shots of them all for our Big Softees website which will go live with a full shop in the next few weeks.


Anonymous said...

When are these bad boys gonna hit the shops? I want a mood cloud!

Paddy said...
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Andrew said...

These look brilliant! I want an elephant leg.