Saturday 19 July 2008

Tiny Little Horse Posters

I just did my first collaboration with Bren and Gav from Tiny Little Horse. I supplied the bugs in the Butthole Surfers poster and Bren did the rest of the amazing artwork and lettering. Gav is currently working on a screen print of it at the moment. I'm very very excited about this gig...

Also, check out Bren and Gav's awesome screen printed poster of the two Ministry gigs.

Click the pics to see bigger versions.


Paddy said...

The quality is amazing. They would sell as posters in their own right.

Andrew said...

WTF? YOU'RE SUPPORTING THE BUTTHOLE SURFERS? The wheel comes full circle. Amazing!

Deirdre said...

Those posters look great.
Remember those Butthole Surfer teashirts that somehow vanished mysteriously ?

Ciara said...

My thoughts exactly Andrew!!!!

These look great!