Tuesday 12 August 2008

Beast from the window

I just got a nice new Canon G9 which I can't wait to get acquainted with. There's four zillion features on it that I need to get to know someday but for now I just discovered a cool time lapse feature which is amazingly easy to use. Anyway, I stuck it on the window ledge and pressed play and then went inside to watch The Wire for a bit and when I came out to see what it had recorded I discovered a beast had been checking my new camera out. Very short and stupid by the way but check out the sky. Oh boy I can't wait to mess around with this more and do a much longer version.

Don Cabellero doing the honours music wise for all eleven seconds by the by..


Paddy said...

That time lapse is a great feature. The skyline is amazing. David Attenborough, look out.
Could be a sort of security camera too?

Chris Judge said...

Thanks pops, looking forward to trying some more.

Emma said...

Oh, that's so sweet! Make it longer!

Ciara said...

Oh I love this! More please!