Tuesday 5 August 2008

Slant @ The Ormeau Baths Gallery

The space is amazing!

My 'Masterpiece' based on Picasso.

I spent last thursday evening in the Ormeau Baths Gallery in Belfast where the IGI exhibition Slant opened alongside two other amazing exhibitions. As promotional officer for the IGI I had spent the last three months organising the show with Feargal from the Ormeau Baths Gallery. In the end we had 18 fantastic pieces on show.

We will be posting all the artwork on Scamp in the next week or so but if you can make it to Belfast between now and the 27th of September I'd highly recommend it.

It was a great night and made even greater that Ale and Orla from the IGI were there also to fly the flag.

Lots more info about ours and the other shows here.


Emma said...

Congratulations on getting that exhibition together, Chris. Great that a few of you were able to make it up. That is an amazing looking space. Did it used to be baths?

Deirdre said...

That is amazing. I shoulda been there for the opening. We will definitely get up to the Ormeau Baths asap.

Well done.

Paddy said...

Oops. Deirdre would never have used grammer like that. I inadvertently used her blog.

Chris Judge said...

ha ha! i thought it was a bit too gansta..

you should hop on the train and have a look. Only two hours away!

Emma, yeah it used to be a posh Baths way back when. Amazing building.

Paddy said...

Or even 'grammar'!

Ciara said...

Well done Chris! Wow! Very satisfying to get something off the ground like that! I'd love to see it, and you never know, we might actually.

Deirdre said...

Will definitly go to Belfast soon. We have been promising ourselves a trip North for ages.