Tuesday 9 September 2008

Non Flattering Portraits

Our wonderful sign

Fergal and Wickham at work

Here's one of them. The poor lad. More to come.

Jaypurs I've been so busy over the last two weeks I haven't made a single post. Dang it.

Here's a few shots from the Non Flattering Portraits session I did with Fergal and Wickham at Electric Picnic last weekend. I took photos of all 40 ugly portraits we did of the poor punters.

I'll post them all here when I get back from my holidays next week. As well as loads of other work I've just finished.



Paddy said...

Good stuff.

Enjoy yor trip.

Andrew said...

Can't wait to see the rest

marta said...

happy holiday chris! x

John said...

Looks funny :)

Ciara said...

Ha Ha! Hilarious! Ru wants one!

Anonymous said...

Please put the others up! You did one of me, i'd love to see it!