Thursday 18 September 2008

Vodafone Cowboy & Indian

I spent the last few works working with Mark and Emma in DDFHB on a lovely new campaign for Vodafone which took lots of twists and turns before we arrived at the desired style. It was really interesting trying out various different styles along the way and I even developed a new style that I hadn't tried before so I'm very excited about exploring it. I'll post a few of them here in the next while.

I just started seeing these two guys around town today so when I get a chance I'll get some photos of them in situe and post them here.

This is the first of three different sets of characters based on similar themes so I'm looking forward to seeing them in print etc. In the meantime, these two lads can be seen enjoying a cup of tea on the Vodafone homepage here.

1 comment:

Paddy said...

I thought there was something familiar there....saw the ads in print. Good work.