Tuesday 12 May 2009

More Brush app messing

Here's a few more brush app images made on the iPhone over the last few days while terribly bored lying on the floor with a bad back from lifting a big stupid radiator the wrong way. Still learning but I wish I knew how to get these effects with real paint. Damn you real paint. Also, damn you bad back.


Paddy said...

I can sympathise about the bad back. Need to be so careful about lifting things from now on.
The art stuff looks great.

Emma said...

Sorry to hear about your back. I can only image how painful that is. I hope it improves soon. I have heard a lot of people recommend the Alexander Technique if it continues.

I love the paintings ;)

Liam said...

I know the feeling Chris! Get well soon! Love the iphone art.

Ciara said...

Ah sorry to ear about your back. Seems everyone has been there at some point. I know what it's like. Hope you're feeling better.

I love these 'paintings'!