Wednesday 13 May 2009

Synth Eastwood

If you in Duberlin this Friday I highly recommend dropping in to Film base for the launch of the new Synth Eastwood night (Home Made) which follows on over to the Button Factory afterward. There's a whole host of art and performances happening and it's always fantastic fun. Click here to find out more about the event.

Myself and Cliona have teamed up to create a Home Maid Lamp using mostly stuff we bought in Homebase at the weekend. We have him sprayed blue and most of the bits made so hopefully he'll look something like the sketch I drew.

See you there if you're there!


Paddy said...

Sounds like fun.
Let there be light.
Hope the Rubber Bandits will not be overstretched on the night.

Ciara said...

I'd never heard of this. Shows how countrified I've become. Good to see all this great stuff going on in Dublin. Thanks for keeping me plugged in Chris!