Wednesday 31 March 2010


The man behind the Drawers exhibition (Steve Doogan) which was held last Friday in South Studios has just posted pictures (taken by Rich Gilligan) of all 26 on Flickr and Society6. All I can say is WOW. Check them out when you get a chance.

That's mine up there. All the illustrators spent the day in the studio creating their piece for the show which was on later that night.


Sharon Hearne Smith said...

can't believe I was making lumps of meat look nice (on a shoot!) friday eve and missed this! thanks for the link to have a nosey... s x

Emma said...

Wow, they look amazing. Some beautiful, some gorgeous, some freaky. All very creative.

Ciara said...

Wow! Very cool Chris. I like these a lot. Might have to do a rip off for our boys room!

Btw, I love the new look! It actually really suits your work much better. And the bigger pics look fab. Did you do what I did or did you figure out something else?

Andrew said...

Ha Ha fantastic! They look great. You are a proper drawer of drawers now.