Monday 19 April 2010

Pablo Picante!

Well Pablo Picante has been open now for about 6 weeks and even though it's a 5 minute bike ride from my studio I only made it down for the first time on Thursday. The place looks fantastic so congratulations to Colm!

And more importantly the food is staggeringly delicious. The burritos are big fat juicy delights just like the sort you'd get in San Francisco. I tried the Beef Barbacoa and plan on going though the rest of the menu in the coming weeks. I highly recommend a visit!

I worked on the logo and the character design for Pablo towards the end of last year. Here's a few photos of the restaurant and some other nits and bobs.


Ciara said...

The place looks fab! HE looks fab!

Why do I think of Edmund whenever I see Pablo?

Must try and get in soon. Exactly the sort of place Ru would LOVE!

Chris Judge said...

Thanks Ciara! I must bring them in for a Burrito soon.

Emma said...

He is very Ed, alright. Master of costumes. Looks like a cool place and yummy food.

Paddy said...

Must pay a visit there soon.