Monday 28 June 2010


Well, I've been blogging for two and a half years and just realised I've passed the 300 mark of posts! From day one I set rules out for myself that I'm only going to blog about artwork I do myself, commercial work and stuff for exhibitions etc, but recently the commercial works I'm doing are turning into bigger projects with a much larger gestation period and exhibitions are fewer and far between given the work I'm able to put into them.

I really love blogging but have recently found I don't have enough finished material to blog about given the large scale projects I'm working on and constantly itch to upload stuff so I've decided to start posting more photos, sketches as well as topical things that inspire me and interesting pics from other blogs and the internet.

I need some sort of liberal outlet so please let me know if you have anything interesting going on! I would love to blog about it.

So here goes.


Emma said...

Great idea. Adapt and change. Can't wait to see what inspires you.

Rachel said...

Good move. Artist/Illustration blogs that only talk about their own work are less interesting than the ones that talk about their inspirations/general stuff they find exciting and cool. It all feeds in to the work you produce so it's great I think.

Can't wait! x

Philip said...

Looking forward to it!