Tuesday 8 June 2010

The tank Riot Gang!

I've been an avid listener to the brilliant Tank Riot podcast for the last two years or so and always relish a new episode when it goes live. The three lads, Sputnik, Tor & Victor have never revealed their real identities or what they looked like but I've always had my own idea of what they looked like in my head. So I drew up this sketch of what I think they look like and mailed it over to them a few weeks ago.

I was then listening to the most recent episode (93) on the way home the other day hoping for a mention and right at the end with about 10 mins to go they did a little piece on the drawing. I was whooping and laughing like an eejit on my bike as they spoke about it. I even got some uncanny likenesses by accident.

As an extra bonus they've added a new section to their site called Artistic Licence where they invite other listeners to do the same.

Thanks Tank Riot!


Emma said...

Oooooh! That's cool. You got a great response. I see they have it on their website now too. I had never heard of Tank Riot. Must check it out.

Liam said...

Never heard of Tank Riot until now, so will def check them out. You've done them and me & Craigy - so who next!? Ricky, Steve & Karl I hope.