Thursday 26 March 2009

Haiku #1

Speaking of Haikus, here's the first of a series of illustrated Haikus myself and Andrew worked on last year for fun. We've made eight of them so far with the intention of getting them published but have had no luck so far. I really love them and think they deserve a weekly outing in a publication don't you think! More to follow...


Paddy said...

If they are largely work related why not try SIPTU in Liberty Hall or the Irish Congress of Trade Unions? They have their own publications.
There must also be similar UK publications.
Alternatively, what about a pre and post 'Celtic Tiger' things: showing the fat cats on their yachts or enjoying the fruits of their off-shore accounts on sunny beaches etc. The alternative could show struggling families/workers.

Chris Judge said...

They're mostly just individual Irish characters so would not really suit that but it's a great idea!