Saturday 28 March 2009

A Year At My Back Door

My sister Ciara who keeps her lovely Milkmoon blog also keeps a blog called A Year At My Back Door which she updated with photos every few days for a year of the view from her garden which is in Wicklow and looks across at the Sugarloaf. The scenery and light changes dramatically every day and she manages to capture it beautifully. So after a year she decided to do a blurb book and it's absolutely amazing. Check it out here and buy a copy if you like it!


Paddy said...

Must get my copy. It's so evocative.

Emma said...

We just got our in the post. It's amazing! What images. You couldn't make them up!

Ciara said...

Ah Janey-Mac thank you for the plug Chris! Glad you like it Emma!

You both know the original is here to look at for free any time! :-)