Wednesday 30 April 2008

Big Softees Website

Just put up a holding page for the Big Softees website in anticipation of the Crammed Organisms show in June. I'm putting together a portfolio of all the plush toys and handmade soft sculptures I've been involved with over the last two years for exhibitions and the upcoming CO show. All thanks to Ciara Brehony. Marta Bahillo and Renate Henschke.

I'll post the full site here when it goes live.


Andrew & Fiona said...

What a cool idea. I presume you intend selling these. Can I get one for my unborn child?

BrenB said...


Chris Judge said...

We're hopin' to make more soon andrew! I think Ciara should be able to make more soon and we'll sell them on the site. Free for Frodo, or whatever name you pick for the new baba, of course. Glad you like the giraffe bren! He's one of my favourites too.