Saturday 5 April 2008


I mentioned it a few posts ago but photographer Aidan Kelly has been working on a project called Studio and has just uploaded a site with a few select shots from various artists studios including my darling neighbours Angry and the handsome Oliver Jeffers. The photos are a lovely glimpse into peoples secret domains which I love to see. It's an ongoing project and will be compiled into a book later in the year.

That's a photo of my award winning legs. Check out the rest of the photos here.


Lisa Conmara said...

we had a chopper for years in my mams shed and then i met a guy who wanted to buy it... when we went to look it was gone - my mam gave it to the itinerants...ssscccCREEEEEAAAAMMMM

Emma said...

Another weird American fact--they never had those bikes here, even though they are based on the chopper motorbikes, a la Easy Rider. It's like Bagpuss--there are just parts of me that Mike will never understand.