Monday 21 April 2008

New Portfolio Website

I've been working on and off on my Portfolio website over the last month or so and finally got around to finishing it off. There's probably a few bugs and spelling mistakes that I'll need to address over the next few days but if you get a chance take a look around while I'm still tweaking it . There's lots of new work on it.

None of the links to my Flickr account work yet as I'm filling it up with archived work, and it's taking ages, but I should have that up in the next few days.


Emma said...

I love your new portfolio website! Very slick and professional. And fun looking. The work itself says it all. Just a suggestion: would you not include a menu tab for Commercial Work? I was looking for that and then realized it was under Illustrations with more personal stuff. You could make the client list more prominent too. Of course it depends on the purpose of the site.

Chris Judge said...

Thanks Emma, good points. I think all the work in the illustration section is commercial in some way. They've all been used by third parties. Might make sense to have a separate section though.