Wednesday 2 April 2008


I spent the morning in RTE doing an interview for Turtlehead with Keith and Will on a show called WEtv. It was supposed to start at around 10am and finish around 11am but of course Bertie had to go and resign just when we were about to start. Jeez, Bertie. Everyone in the building were running around like monglords.

The show goes out on TV in about two weeks and should be perfectly embarassing.

Here's a pic of the presenter, Will St. Ledger and Keith from Turtlehead talking about Brian Cowan's expansive noggin.


Ciara said...

Oh Chris, you make me laugh out loud! It's worth reading your blog if just to hear your voice in my head saying hilarious Chris things. Chris style. Thanks!

Chris Judge said...

Ha h! Thanks Ciara x